Essential Digital Skills Qualification (EDSQ)

Essential Digital Skills Qualification (EDSQ)

The Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQ) are for adults (19+) who wish to develop their digital skills. 

The EDSQ will give people the opportunity to gain essential digital skills that are needed in order to participate in society and the workplace. With so many jobs now requiring basic digital literacy, it is important that everyone has access to these qualifications.

EDSQ Entry Level

The Entry Level qualification is designed for learners new to using digital devices and the internet. 

The course gives adults with minimal digital experience a gentle introduction. The learner can be confident that they will develop the skills and understanding that will enable them to improve their ability to use the internet and various digital devices. This will help them in their working and in everyday life. 

EDSQ Level 1

The Level 1 qualification has been designed for learners with some experience of using digital devices and the internet. 

It will also aid learners who have achieved access at Entry Level to further expand their knowledge. Learners will gain an understanding of how to stay safe online,  protect their privacy and use  the internet securely, as well as being able to find out more information on services and the latest gadgets. 

The EDSQ are fully funded under legal entitlement for adults (19+) who wish to develop their digital skills. They will also be funded for adults (16-18) who don’t have the basic digital skills they need for life and work through a study programme. 

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